Do You Feel Like You Could Listen Better?

Andrew Ward - Founder of The GLS (Good Listening Skills) Project

If so, I can help you develop good listening skills.

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Andrew Ward
Wellington, New Zealand

"The greatest compliment that was ever paid me was when one asked me what I thought, and attended to my answer."
Henry David Thoreau

I used to hear people speaking, but was usually planning my response or ‘somewhere else’ in my mind

Most people feel like they could listen better.

Ever been here? You’ve been chatting for a while. Suddenly, silence snaps you back into the conversation. They’re awaiting your response…

What do you say? Your mind has been elsewhere and you have no idea what they said!

Awkward… but usually inconsequential.

In my industry of electrical engineering, poor listening may have financial or even life threatening consequences.

Making the effort to listen well has lasting benefits.

  • Understand family, friends, colleagues and customers, their message and who they are as people
  • Make people feel heard, valued and respected.
  • Uncover experiences, wisdom, perspectives different to our own, unique ways of viewing the world, creative ideas waiting to be released, dreams, plans, and more.
  • Enable customers to share what they truly want and need.
  • Reduce the risk of strife, financial loss and physical harm.

Otherwise, our conversations and discussions remain superficial and time-wasting at minimum, damaging at worst.

My Journey Into the World of Good Listening Began in a Prison

Hi! I’m Andrew. In mid-2009, I joined a small band of volunteers to share life skills with high-medium security inmates over fourteen weeks. Discussions were a key aspect of the session format.

As the weeks rolled by we had some brilliant conversations with a balanced exchange of ideas and experiences. But more usually, an inmate would ask a question, then one of us would brain dump everything they knew on the subject, often completely missing the point of their questions.

Overall, many of the guys experienced lasting change. But I felt a deep, haunting frustration. Our approach seemed to lack something that could have helped us see greater change.

Some months later I stumbled across the missing element at a corporate training workshop – active listening.
The inmates had just needed to talk and be understood in order to explore the life skills at their own pace.

All they needed us to do was actively listen.

They didn’t need our prolonged information downloads!

Since then, efforts to improve my listening skills have benefited all areas of my life, personal, voluntary and professional engineering. 

So now I am passionate about helping people develop good listening skills that can transform every area of their lives. Hence this Good Listening Skills (GLS) Project.

Good Listening Skills That You Can Expect

My goal is that listening becomes second nature to you - that you become a habitual listener.

Here are some good listening skills that you can gain from The GLS Project:

  • Simple tools for better understanding what family, friends and customers are saying
  • Greater focus – strategies for reduced mind wandering and for turning that ‘planning your response’ habit into a benefit
  • Increased strength to resist interrupting and talking over others
  • The ability to help people feel heard, understood and cared for
  • Greater influence over the direction of discussions
  • Checklists, lists of active listening questions and practical listening exercises 

… and much more.

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Develop good listening skills with this free kick-start guide - "10 Great Questions to Stay Focussed in Conversations"

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Let’s make listening fashionable! (c)

Kind Regards,

Andrew Ward

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The kick-start Conversational Focus Guide
"10 Great Questions to Stay Focussed in Conversations".