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Man and woman laughing. Active Listening How To - 5 Easy Steps to Your Best Conversation Yet

Active Listening How To – 5 Easy Steps to Your Best Conversation Yet

Work and social discussions needn't be frustrating time wasters. Active Listening is the number one skill for transforming them into productive dialogues. In this 'Active Listening How To' article I strip the process right back to its fundamentals in five easy, immediately usable steps with examples - what it is and how we can use it in all our conversations to listen better.

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Active Listening Exercise - Just Listen. Active Listening Exercise pdf download available.

An Active Listening Exercise – Listen Without Planning Your Response or Talking Too Much

A key skill of every good listener is to just listen. But some common behaviours make listening difficult: being distracted by planning our response; being the main talker in conversations; interrupting and shifting the focus onto ourselves. Here’s an active listening exercise to help you minimise these behaviours and develop the habit of focused, attentive listening.

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Conversation starters and listening tips for great holiday conversations

25 Conversation Starters and Tips for Engaging Holiday Season Conversations

Christmas for many in New Zealand is a wonderful - albeit slightly crazy - contrast of traditional, hearty winter roasts and steam puddings consumed on a scorching summer day. Social conversations during the holiday season can be equally contrasting, from sedate family news to rampant political conspiracy debates! But these gatherings are also opportunities to delve into fascinating, fun, and stimulating topics. Here are some conversation starters and listening tips to get you talking.

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