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4 Emotional Intelligence Will Make You a Better Listener

Emotional Intelligence Will Make You a Better Listener

Emotions are integral to conversations. A speaker conveys vital information through their feelings and attitudes as well as their spoken words. And while listening, those ideas trigger emotions inside us, either supporting or opposing what we’re hearing. Emotional intelligence is knowing how to leverage these emotions in a manner that enhances our understanding of the speaker’s message. This is something that we can all develop.

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2 Listen with Empathy

Listen With Empathy – The Number One Goal of Good Listening

I often hear people refer to the act of listening in terms of mechanics - staying focused, asking the right questions, not interrupting, and the like. While these are important, they are only part of the story. Lack of context forces us to consciously figure out on the fly, which of these listening techniques to use. An impossible task! And so we revert to our old habits. However, knowing that the overarching goal is to listen with empathy makes the task much easier. We begin to use the most appropriate listening techniques intuitively.

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