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Know how to focus. 9 strategies for improving your focus. Man staring intensely at camera

How to Focus Better In Conversations: 9 Strategies That Actually Work

Ever been here? The discussion has been going for a while. Suddenly, silence snaps you back into the room. They’re awaiting your response… We all have. Our brains are wired this way and a certain amount of wandering is important for a healthy brain. [1] But when listening for crucial information, we need to know how to focus. Here are 9 strategies for helping improve your focus.

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Conversation starters and listening tips for great holiday conversations

25 Conversation Starters and Tips for Engaging Holiday Season Conversations

Christmas for many in New Zealand is a wonderful - albeit slightly crazy - contrast of traditional, hearty winter roasts and steam puddings consumed on a scorching summer day. Social conversations during the holiday season can be equally contrasting, from sedate family news to rampant political conspiracy debates! But these gatherings are also opportunities to delve into fascinating, fun, and stimulating topics. Here are some conversation starters and listening tips to get you talking.

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